Dr Simon Walker
Royal Society University Research Fellow
+44 (0) 1865 271223
Research interests: 

My research interests lie in establishing new techniques for measuring micro-scale, high-speed movements to open windows upon previously hidden biomechanical phenomena. My current work uses insect flight as a model for understanding complex biomechanical systems. The design of the insect thorax allows tiny vibrations from resonating power muscles to be amplified through the intricate wing hinge into reciprocal motion of the wings. Control is then provided by the vast array of tiny steering muscles, which subtly alter the wing motion and afford insects their incredible manoeuvrability.

My work aims to understand how natural selection has shaped the flight motor in insects, which differs so markedly from those of manmade design, by measuring and modelling their wing kinematics along with the mechanics of the flight muscles in the thorax. This work will therefore influence the design of unmanned-air vehicles and also have applications in smart structures, biomaterials and micro-actuators.

Publication list

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